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Certified EHR Solutions

We are the partner consultant of EHR/EMR vendors who provide ONC certified 2014 Meaningful Use complete EHR solutions:

  • Electrical Medical Record
  • Practice Management
  • Medical Billing & Claim Processing
  • e-Prescribing
  • Lab & Imaging Order
  • Patient Portal

It is specially designed by doctor for doctors. It is ease of use, fast-to-chart, web based, secured and fully certified. The semless integration of practice management, medical record and billing improves office productivity, staff efficiency, patient care and revenue.

  • Meaningful Use (MU1 & MU2)
  • Clinical Quality Measure (CQM)
  • ICT-10 & SNOMED-CT
  • Patient-centered Medical Home (PCMH) and Incentives
  • Billing Integration and Workflow Efficiency.

We help eligible providers to qualify for nationwide incentive programs and avoid panalities.


Meaningful Use (MU) Incentive Program

The government requires providers to use a Certified EHR Technology, and so they provide EHR incentives and want evidence that providers are using their EHR in a meaningful way. Only providers who qualify as eligible professionals (EP) may participate. Eligible providers (Eps) may participate in the Medicare program, which is run by CMS, or in the Medicaid program, which is run by individual states. Each provider must choose either program that is the best fit for their practice. 


Medicare EHR Incentive Program

Medicaid EHR Incentive Program

Run by CMS

Run by Your State Medicaid Agency

Maximum incentive amount is $44,000

Maximum incentive amount is $63,750

Payments over 5 consecutive years

Payments over 6 years, does not have to be consecutive

Payment adjustments will begin in 2015 for providers who are eligible but decide not to participate

No payment adjustments for providers who are only eligible for the Medicaid program

Providers must demonstrate meaningful use every year to receive incentive payments.

In the first year providers can receive an incentive payment for adopting, implementing, or upgrading certified EHR technology. Providers must demonstrate meaningful use in the remaining years to receive incentive payments.



Medicaid EHR Incentive Payments

In the first year you are paid for simply acquiring, implementing, or upgrading your EHR. Payments for actually meeting the MU criteria begin in the second year under the Medicaid program. You needn’t attest in consecutive years (as you do with Medicare), but you must meet the requirements for six out of the ten years of the program. If you started in 2013, you have until 2021 (eight years) to choose a system, register, and qualify for six years. If you do not begin the acquisition, implementation, or upgrade process until 2016 (the final year to begin), you will only have the following five years (2017–2021) to earn the Medicaid incentives. Since incentive payments are only made in the years that you successfully participate, your total incentive payment will go down.


Eligible Professional for Medicaid EHR Incentive

  • Physicians (M.D. or D.O.
  • Nurse practitioner
  • Certified nurse-midwives
  • Dentist
  • Physician assistants, who practice predominantly in a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) or Rural Health Clinic (RHC) that is led by a physician assistant


Patient Volume Criteria

Eligible Professionals must meet one of the following conditions throughout  all participation years:

  • Demonstrate a minimum 30% Medicaid patient volume, or
  • Be a pediatrician* and demonstrate a minimum 20% Medicaid patient volume, or
  • Practice predominantly in a Federally Qualified Health Center or Rural Health Center   and demonstrate a minimum 30% patient volume attributable to needy individuals.


Adjustments - Penalty

If you have not opted out of Medicare, are not participating in Medicaid MU, and do not participate in Medicare MU, you will have an adjustment to your Medicare fee schedule. If you do not participate in the Medicare incentive beginning in 2013, you will be assessed a penalty to your Medicare fee schedule beginning in 2015 that increases each year you do not participate. This adjustment is in addition to the payment adjustments for nonparticipation in other government incentive programs, such as eRx or PQRS.



Adjustment to your Medicare fee schedule








Up to -5%


Up to -5%



iClinic v12.2 EHR

EHR Incentive Program


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