E-commerce Solutions



 On-line store that brings you business revenue

We are not only offering you an E-commerce Site but also a Total Business Solution that makes your business grows  ... let us help you to Analyze, Customize, Design, Implement, Operate, Manage, Brand and Market your Online Business. 


E-commerce Start-up:

  • Business analysis. 
  • E-commerce application software.
  • Plan, configure, build, design and customize. 
  • Set up and implement E-commerce application.
  • Product info set up for your products.
  • Touch-up of images.
  • Customization of Banner, Tempates, Images and Flash. 
  • Branding  


Monthly E-commerce service plan

  • Administration/support/customization. 
  • Manage E-commerce application and online store. 
  • Manage Hosting account 
  • Update of content
  • Database administration.
  • User supports.
  • Upload of products info.
  • Basic image touchup
  • Manage Marketing and visibility tools.
  • Manage Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Manage Emails and Social Marketing.
  • Manage Web analytic and stats tool
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Manage Reports & Inventory Tracking.


Download (Please refresh your page if problem displaying the PDF file):

Sample on-line store design

Sample web design

E-Commerce features 

Live shop showcase